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Get In Next Time: Our Top Recommendations For Fixing Your Application

Med school admissions is a numbers game. Here’s how to increase your chances for the next time.

If you got only rejection letters this application season, you might be thinking your dreams of attending med school are dead. Well, pick yourself up off the ground, soldier, it’s not over yet because you can apply again. But don’t go throwing good money and time away by reapplying without taking a close, honest look at what your application was missing. Amy A’Hearn, our admissions assistant director, visited to discuss what you should think about when re-evaluating your competitiveness, with the help of Aline Sandouk and Irisa Mahapan. Don’t give up…find out what Amy’s top recommendations are, and get your dream back on track!

Plus we ask the most important question of all–why do men roll up their pants legs?

This Week in Medical News

Match week was great for us here at UI as our students did better than the national average for finding a job after med school. But all was not perfect this year, as during the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP), the servers crashed denying unmatched residency programs and applicants critical time to do the same. In the end, it all worked out…but it was a stressful time for all–but from our viewpoint, especially for SOAPing students! And it isn’t the first time, either.

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