Finding Harmony: All About Duet

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Medical schools want to select students who are not only academically excellent but are also aligned with their mission and likely to thrive in their unique environments. Duet is a values-alignment assessment from Acuity Insights that some graduate and undergraduate medical schools require or recommend as part of their application process. Through a series of comparisons, Duet evaluates how well each applicant’s preferences and values match those of their chosen programs. It typically takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Although Duet is a separate test, it is only ever available alongside Casper. You can take the test anytime after booking a Casper test, but you should complete it within 14 days of Casper so programs can consider all assessments together. 

About the Ads

Search Acuity Insights’s Dates and Fees page to see which programs require or recommend Duet.

How Duet Works

Getting Started

Once you have booked a Casper test, you will see a prompt to complete Duet in your Acuity Insights account if one or more chosen programs require it. Full instructions are provided, including the test’s purpose and format, when you access Duet.

Reflection and Making Choices

Once you’ve started Duet, you will reflect on seven program characteristics within three categories, and select the trait that matters most to you in each set. Because there are no wrong answers, it’s important to trust your instincts. However, you can only go back one step if you wish to make a change.

Comparative Analysis

After making your comparisons, you’ll make it easier to understand what truly matters to you by comparing each category in pairs.

Submission and Program Review

A group of stakeholders from each program that uses Duet also completes the assessment, to create a unique Program Profile. When you submit your Duet responses, they will be automatically compared with the Program Profile. The results help programs understand whether and how your preferences and priorities align with theirs. 

Mission Fit

Mission Fit

Understanding the mission of the schools you are targeting ensures that the schools you are applying to are a good fit for your interests and values. We break down how to analyze the missions of your target schools.

How to Prepare for Duet

Setting yourself up for success is simple. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Duet is designed to capture your personal values and preferences authentically, so there’s no need to practice or prepare.
  • Take a moment to carefully read the instructions provided once you enter the Duet test. Understanding how it works will help you navigate the process smoothly.
  • Familiarize yourself with the definitions of characteristics you’ll encounter during the test, before proceeding to the comparison pages. This will enable you to make informed choices that accurately reflect your values.
  • There are no right or wrong answers in Duet, so respond based on what feels true to you. Your unique perspective is what makes Duet a valuable tool for understanding your preferences and values, and each program has a unique Duet profile as well. 
  • Aim to complete Duet within 14 days of your Casper test to ensure your submission is considered alongside your other assessments.


Duet is your companion in the search for the perfect academic fit. By understanding how it works and preparing accordingly, you can approach the test with confidence, knowing that your responses will provide programs with valuable insights into your alignment with their unique environments. If you have further questions about Duet, check out our FAQs or reach out to the Acuity Insights support team for assistance.

Embark on your journey with Duet, and discover the programs that align perfectly with your aspirations and values.

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