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Publishing on SDN

Get published on SDN.

The Student Doctor Network seeks student and professional submissions. We welcome article queries and submissions. Contact us for more information.

We currently have a need for novice and professional writers and columnists.

Professional freelance writers are encouraged to submit resumes and examples of previous works. Professional writers should have experience writing for recognized newspapers or news magazines.


Do we work with new writers?

Yes. Especially if they are students currently applying to or attending a health-professions school.

How much do we pay?

Rates are negotiated with each author individually, generally between $70-150 depending on article length and topic. Authors are paid as independent contractors.

What type of content are we looking for?

Take a look at the articles featured on our site. We generally are looking for topical, interesting and relevant articles. Our members want information they can’t get anywhere else. We cover topics across the pre-health and health education spectrum — from pre-dental, to pharmaceutical research, to the latest political trends and their effects on practicing doctors.


We’re looking for a stable of writers with a distinct point of view, each able to create a column that’s compelling, vibrant, and addictive. No matter the background, each columnist should bring a unique perspective, of interest to students and doctors.

Can I write a free column to increase awareness of my book or service?

Yes, but it must be exclusive to SDN, unbiased, and free of advertising in the content of the column. We don’t allow columns which simply promote something. Jeremiah Fleenor, MD provides a good example of what is appropriate.

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