Writing for SDN

Thank you for your interest in writing for SDN!

Publication Guidelines

We publish 1,000 to 2,000-word feature articles on our main page Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Articles should speak primarily to a US audience, since the vast majority of our members are US-based. Articles should be focused on furthering SDN’s mission of building a diverse doctor workforce. SDN serves doctoral-level healthcare professions including audiology, dentistry, medicine (MD and DO), pharmacy, podiatry, psychology and social welfare, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy and veterinary medicine.

Below are examples of the types of articles that are published:

We are open to articles that don’t fit exactly within these guidelines if we think they will be interesting to our membership. For interviews or articles focusing on a specific person, please include a headshot with the submission. Please ensure that the image is free of copyright or that SDN has permission to republish.

For topic ideas and requests for articles on specific topics, email [email protected] to be added to our monthly SDN Author newsletter.

Please note, articles may not be promotional in nature. If you have a product or service that you wish to share, you may submit an informational article relevant to the product or service you provide and include a description with a single link to be included at the end of the article. This is true even if the product or service you provide is free. Links within the body of the article must be for reference purposes only and may not link to the commercial site of the author. Links in an article may be deleted or edited at the discretion of the Editor and Editorial Board. Links to an author’s personal, non-promotional website and/or social media profiles are allowed, at the discretion of the Editor.


SDN provides an honorarium to authors for original and exclusive content. This honorarium is NOT provided in the case that an author is receiving other benefits from the article publication, such as publicity for a blog or book, or if the article has previously been published elsewhere.

We are able to pay honorariums either via check to a US mailing address or via a PayPal account. You must be able to receive payment via one of these methods to receive an honorarium from SDN.

Article Publication Process

To submit an article, please email your submission to [email protected].

Please note, it may take up to two weeks for the Editorial Board to review your submission.

In order to support our Health on the Net (HON) certified status, all articles are reviewed for content by the SDN Editorial Board made up of healthcare students and professionals prior to publication. The Editor-in-Chief reviews feedback on a regular basis and compiles a publishing schedule once per month. You will be informed as quickly as possible if your article has been accepted for publication. Some articles not immediately selected for publication will be returned to the author with feedback. Authors may resubmit articles once for reconsideration with edits based on feedback. Contacting the editor to pitch ideas or ask questions before submitting the article may increase the chance that your article will be accepted by the Editorial Board for publication.

If accepted, your article will be scheduled for publication by our editorial team. Publications dates can change without notice. Every effort will be made to provide final edited versions of articles to authors for review and approval prior to publication. However, the SDN editorial team reserves the right to publish an article with minor grammatical editing without additional author approval.

Honorariums, if applicable, will be sent out at the end of the month in which the article is published.

Notes on Author Disclosures

SDN requires authors report any financial, corporate or other marketing affiliations.

Notes on Republishing

SDN authors may republish their articles on their personal, noncommercial blog with proper attribution two weeks after the article was published on SDN. Articles originally appearing on SDN may be published on commercial sites with proper attribution and a link back to the SDN article no earlier than thirty days after publication on SDN.

While original content is preferred, the Editorial Board may review previously-published content for publication on SDN at their discretion.

Please note, if an original submission is approved by the Editorial Board for publication and the article is published elsewhere either before the SDN publication date or within two weeks after, the author will receive no honorarium from SDN.

Want to make sure you article is accepted?

Follow these tips to make sure your article is a good fit for publication on SDN:

  • Contact the editor before writing to pitch your idea to make sure the subject is relevant and isn’t already being covered.
  • Be informational, not promotional. Links to your commercial site within the body of the article are not allowed. You may include a link and description of your site/company at the end.
  • Target your audience. Are you writing to premedical students? To dental students? To residents? Nontraditional students? Keep your target audience in mind and tailor the article to that audience. Trying to speak multiple demographics with one article generally weakens the piece.
  • Know your main message. Make sure that is clear to the reader and that every sentence in the article relates back to that primary point.
  • Write about what you know. Some research on the internet doesn’t turn into a good article the way advice from experience does (though supplemental research and citations are always encouraged!)
  • Write well and revise your article at least once before submission. When you finish your article, set it aside for at least a few hours. Then come back to it, correct any obvious mistakes, strengthen your sentences, and edit out weak words.