I Want You Tibia My Valentine

Last Updated on June 26, 2022 by Laura Turner

Valentine’s Day can be hard for med students, medical professionals, and their spouses because all the other couples are out and about with their special someone. Where is your special someone? Your “person” in the wise words of Meredith Grey, is currently on call at the ER and just texted you during a moment of sanity (miracles do happen) to tell you that due to the high influx of patients they won’t be home that night…even though they worked the previous 6 nights. Sound familiar? “Wait, you don’t know what time your husband will come home every night?” Actually no, no I don’t. “You spent your weekend studying?” Of course! Doesn’t it sound like fun to spend every moment of your waking hours at the library? “Can you guys go out tonight?” Please define “out” and could you set specific parameters on how long we will be gone and when it will be socially acceptable for us to leave to sleep or study once again.
Spouses of medical personnel know these types of questions all too well. We’re extremely skilled at squeezing the most out of every moment, cherishing those stolen 10 minutes, and then going on, seemingly alone. Yet, despite the crazy schedules, the limited time together, and the constant desire they have to study, somehow we still love them! We love how they sacrificially give of their time and skills, how they want to save the world one person at a time, how they help that child laugh in the midst of their pain. Those are the people we love. This Valentine’s Day, let’s steal those moments, grab the seconds, and take the time we can get with them to love them well. Below are a few of my tips and tricks to make your Valentine’s Day as special as you can for your doctor!
Urine my heart, Urine my soul
If there was ever any holiday made for sharing your heart and soul with someone, this is it. To quote the Pirates of the Caribbean, “If you were looking for the opportune moment, that was it.” You never know how much time you’ll get so don’t let this Valentine’s Day pass you by without telling your special someone how much they mean to you.
I Want Tibia Your Valentine
Ask them to be your Valentine! Cheesy? Possibly. Worth it? Yes! After asking however, be sure and follow through. Have a plan of what you want to accomplish as their Valentine. A few ideas are as follows: get them a card, make them breakfast in bed, rub their feet, go for the chocolates, plan a surprise, buy them flowers, bring them a cup of coffee, buy a little gift, and the list goes on. Just remember that you want to cater this day to your spouse so try and brainstorm what they would enjoy most.
My Ventricles Pump For You
Do something to get the blood pumping! Go for a walk, jog, or run together. Play tennis, go for a swim, garden together, go on a bike ride, etc. Too cold outside? Be spontaneous and try something new! Get on YouTube and search for an indoor workout you can do together. Couples yoga anyone?
I Lobe You
This is not the time for pizza love. Pizza love is when you tell people that you love everything. “Man, I love this pizza” or “I love my new watch from Michael Kors.” There’s a big difference when you’re about to hang up the phone and you say, “I love you too, bye” than when you look deeply into your spouses’ eyes and say, “I love you!” Say it like you mean it! Go the extra mile to say it to their face this Valentine’s Day.
You Must Be Aphasia Because You Left Me Speechless
When was the last time you remember being speechless around your spouse? Sometime soon, when they least expect it, interrupt your spouse mid sentence with a kiss and surprise the socks off of them! Bonus points for you if you can turn it into a make out session.
Are You A Pleural Effusion? Because I Can’t Breathe When You’re Around
Do you remember the first time you saw your special someone? Did you get butterflies? Did your heart stop momentarily? Did someone have to nudge you and remind you to breathe because they were simply the most beautiful person you had ever seen in the entire world ever? Try and get that same “breath-stopping” response. Take extra care with your appearance and dress up for them so that their immediate response is a jaw-dropping, “Wow.”
I Ulna Want To Be With You
You don’t have to be doing the same activity together to actually just be together. Medical spouses understand this idea well. Remember when they were in school and you would go to the library together just to be with them? Apply the same concept. Go grocery shopping together, read a book while they study the latest scientific journal, talk on the phone during your commute. Just be with one another.
I Aorta Tell You How Much I Love You
Draft a quick note telling your significant other what they mean to you. This could make their day and it should only take you a few minutes. To go the extra mile, sticky note their life. Put sticky notes anywhere and everywhere you can put a sticky note. If you’re struggling with ideas of what to write, just use all the titles I have here in my tips and tricks section. They’re sure to get a kick out of all the jokes which leads me to my next point.
I Hope You Find This Humerus
Go look up three promising jokes and then text them one every few hours to string it out. It should make them laugh (as long as their funny bone isn’t broken) and remind them that you’re thinking of them.
You Give Me Femur
Do you have a special song? One that brings back the memories? Turn on some tunes and create a dance floor in your living room! If you want to go a step further, take some time and design a special Valentine’s Day playlist for your special someone.
Remember all the reasons you love your, “person” and use this fun day as an excuse to remind them in every way possible.