SDN NFT Cryptocurrency: Line Goes Up

Last Updated on March 21, 2023 by Laura Turner

Light awaits you at the end of the financial tunnel. Student Doctor Network (SDN) is excited to announce that we are launching our own line of NFT Cryptocurrencies. This comes from extensive interest from our userbase in this valuable network/commodity/currency/speculative asset. We expect that NFT Cryptocurrencies will be the future of how medical and other health professional schools will handle interview spots and even admissions. We are super excited to be on the ground floor of this exciting, disruptive technology. Don’t forget to read our white paper <view paper> to see how SDN NFT Cryptocurrencies are going to lead the way in revolutionizing pre-health and health professional education.

“But wait”, you might be saying, “what is an NFT Cryptocurrency”? If you don’t know what NFT Cryptocurrency is, then it is not for you. But if you really want to know (and can’t be bothered to use Wikipedia), here is a short YouTube video that explains them pretty well: Line Goes Up – NFTs Are The Best. You can also understand them as digital assets that exist on a distributed ledger, called a blockchain. When you purchase one, you are purchasing the right to having an entry on the blockchain that says you are the owner of the asset. That’s how you know it has value.

About the Ads

“What is an NFT Cryptocurrency?” The answer: the key to your future career in healthcare.

Here is a sneak peek of our exciting offerings:

Sign up today in order to be assured that you too can own a work of art of this caliber! It is a must-have for everyone, especially if you are a healthcare student or professional. Of course, we cannot guarantee that your token will be of the same high quality as these two examples. Each one will be unique, but no worries – if you don’t like your token you are always free to buy more! Quantity and quality both are guaranteed. Prices are TBA, but don’t let that stop you from putting down your deposit today. And we have it on good authority that their value may increase exponentially – as you can see from these NFT sales. After all, their value is immeasurable to your future in healthcare, and what price and risk wouldn’t be worth a career in healthcare.

As you can see by the publication date, this was one of our April Fools jokes. Check out our previous articles on The Joys of Applying to Medical School and The Future of Medicine: Homeopathy as well!