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Student Doctor Network is an educational nonprofit created for students, by students that is dedicated to building a diverse doctor workforce.

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Helping Build a Diverse Doctor Workforce
SDN brings together thousands of current and future healthcare students and professionals into one community to share information, offer guidance, and provide encouragement.
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Student Doctor Network was founded by medical students and residents to address a lack of information on the application process.
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Journey to Medicine

Tackling Physician Burnout And Suicide: Dr. Steven Reid, Neurosurgeon/Founder of Doctor Lifeline

"In this powerful episode, Dr. Steven Reid, neurosurgeon and founder of the non-profit Doctor Lifeline, discusses his crucial work to prevent physician burnout and suicide. He lays out the reasons for an increased incidence among physicians and various steps we need to take to prevent it. His story begins during undergrad when he accidentally fell into medicine and later completed a seven-year BS/MD program. While choosing specialties, Dr. Reid pursued neurosurgery even after being warned against it. However, during his training, he experienced “the dark night of the soul” and contemplated quitting. From his experience, Dr. Reid provides advice to students on the importance of enduring the challenging aspects of medicine, having open conversations, seeking help, and finding joy along the journey!"

The Nocturnists

Holiday Special

The Nocturnists Holiday Special looks back on a year like no other and celebrates the holiday season with creative contributions from healthcare workers.

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The Great Vaccinator

Until now, the fastest vaccine ever made - for mumps - took four years. And while our current effort to develop a covid-19 vaccine involves thousands of people working around the clock, the mumps vaccine was developed almost exclusively by one person: Maurice Hilleman. Hilleman cranked out more than 40 other vaccines over the course of his career, including 8 of the 14 routinely given to children. He arguably saved more lives than any other single person. And through his work, Hilleman embodied the instincts, drive, and guts it takes to marshall the human body’s defenses against a disease. But through him we also see the struggle and the costs of these monumental scientific efforts.

The Short Coat Podcast

Quality over Quantity: Clinical Experiences and Volunteering in COVID Times

Listeners Garrett and Isaac wrote in with questions about the clinical hours schools want from their applicants. How important is the number of hours, asked Garrett, and what changes in that number are schools making in COVID times? Lucky for you, gentlemen, MD/PhD student Aline Sandouk, M3 Emma Barr, and M1s Alex Belzer and AJ Chowdhury are on the show to suss it out for you. Plus, we provide some suggestions for alternatives if the usual activities just aren’t available to you.

Journey to Medicine

Why You Need To Check Those Boxes: Dr. Sophia Yen, Stanford Faculty and CEO/Co-Founder Pandia Health

"In this exciting episode, Dr. Sophia Yen, an adolescent medicine physician and CEO/Co-Founder of Pandia Health, describes the traditional path she followed throughout undergrad and medical school. From her experience, she offers insightful advice about useful positions and extracurriculars that are helpful for medical school admissions. Additionally, Dr. Yen details her passion and hope for pediatrics as well as her entrepreneurial spirit!