How to Create and Live On A Student Budget

student budget

It’s a fact of life: you need money to pay expenses that allow you to live comfortably. When you’re attending school, you may use your financial aid as your “income” and, therefore, you will want to manage that money wisely. The less money you borrow now, the less money you will need to repay—including interest—after graduation. 

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Not a Single-Species Affair: How Non-Human Life Impacts Human Medicine

non-human life

As a first-year medical student, I lived near a veterinary program. The comparison often made—by both med and vet students, as well as community members—was that med students studied humans, whereas vet students studied everything else. Of course, in its practical aim, medicine is exclusively about people. We undergo a serious study of human biology so as to meet the responsibility of caring for other human beings, and the central challenge of medicine is matching that knowledge to the unique experiences of our patients. We should be careful, however, not to underestimate the importance of non-human life for that purpose. As a scientific endeavor, human medicine is predicated on knowledge of many different types of living things, whether we consider the ecology of our bodies or the pharmacology of our cures. Moreover, the humility of its practitioners stems from recognizing the mutual dependence of human life and the rest of the biosphere. In short, medicine is a multi-species affair.

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Protecting the World’s Food Supply, One Student at a Time: An interview with Jacque Pelzer, DVM

From building surfboards to helping veterinary students achieve their goals, Jacque Pelzer’s career path was … Read more