Chronicles of a Med Student: Gearing Up For Round Two!

Last Updated on June 26, 2022 by Laura Turner

Welcome back! I’m so excited to start my second year (and write about it, of course), but first things first: my amazing summer experience! I went to South America for a few weeks to work at a women’s health clinic. It was an incredible experience. I don’t say that only because I’ve lived to tell the tale, but also because I got to experience a totally new culture and visit one of the seven wonders of the world. The fact that I got to work in a healthcare setting there expanded my communication skills as well as my patience. It can be challenging to work in conditions that are very different from those we see in clinics in the US: sometimes things as basic as lighting aren’t there and you just have to deal with it. This “roll with it” attitude is something I’ve struggled with in the past. Because we’re taught to do things in a very specific manner here in the States, it can be very hard to have to adjust on the spot. Dealing with folding tables for hospital beds and performing physical exams in dimly lit rooms has definitely taught me to work with what’s in front of me. I hope that lesson will last the rest of my career.
With that said, I am so excited to be back and start my second year! It may be counterintuitive, but as much as I complain about how much I have to study and how almost every weekend is clouded over by looming exams, I love what I do. After a summer of nonstop adventure, I think it’s time for a breather, and I’m very much looking forward to having a more stable schedule. This year is traditionally the year of the first round of board exams, and honestly I’m just looking forward to this year so I can get them over with and move on to bigger and cooler things.
Speaking of moving on, I’m going to do something I did last year as well: set some goals. Since this is the last year I’ll have the luxury of a flexible schedule, I really want to make the most of it. Also, this is the last year I’ll have to really buckle down and study before I get out into the real doctor world, so I want to be best prepared for that and absorb as much information as I can. My first goal (which definitely is easier said than done) is to not be so intimidated by the aforementioned board exams. Though arguably the most important exams I’ll take while in medical school, it’s best to think of boards as helping you prepare for third and fourth year rotations. I don’t want to look silly for not knowing the first choice medication for a certain disease while rounding with my attending, and I also want to be able to be a knowledgeable student as I step into the clinical world. Of course I’ll learn on the job, but it definitely helps to be well prepared.
My second goal is to maintain my sanity—if I haven’t lost it already (just kidding, definitely still had it the last time I checked). I mentioned this a few times during my first year: it’s so important to do what you love outside of school and spend time with the people you love. I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for my hobbies and all of the love and support from my friends and family. I know this year will probably take everything I have in me, but I’ll do my best to keep pushing through!
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Adelle is a 2nd year medical student who loves to hike, bake chocolate chip cookies, and doodle on the corners of papers.